Water Under the Bridge

“My back is not your bridge” she said
however, I would gladly offer
my whole self to you as a bridge
if it would bring about positive change
not for your sake OR for mine
but for OUR children.
The problem is I CANNOT be your bridge
because that would mean I have to
stay still
rooted to one spot
to allow you to cross
from where we both stand now together
to somewhere beyond
with the option for you to come back again if you choose
coming and going as you please
while I am kept immobile, stagnant…standing still…
and you see… I want to move forward too
You may dream of unbuilt bridges somewhere in the distance
but I dream of dynamic actions…
FIREWORKS! sparking movements in this moment
DYNAMITE! breaking bridges no longer needed
As you and I move freely
effortlessly flowing together like a smooth stream
no longer in the shadow of any man-made construct


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