A Perfect Ordinary Day: An Act of Self-Love


A Perfect Ordinary Day:  An Act of Self-Love 


While writing “Beauty Revealed—Bringing Out the Best in Others,” the final essay in Midnight Peaches, Two O’clock Patience, I began jotting down notes focused on how to avoid stagnancy in order to stay motivated in life. Upon completing “Beauty Revealed,” I realized I needed to flesh out the meaning of taking care of oneself. After introducing the concept of “choosing to live” in that article, the possibility of having a separate piece that married the concepts of self-care, “choosing to live,” and avoiding stagnancy emerged.    Consequently, “A Perfect Ordinary Day” was born.[1]

“A Perfect Ordinary Day” is based on my personal experience of taking care of myself for my own sake, as well as for the sake of those I love. A combination of philosophies and activities that are integral to my daily routine are shared in this essay. Activities…

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